September 2010, Kathmandu

I arrived back in Nepal one week ago after a hectic three months in New York.  I spend my time there raising money, communicating with donors, writing  our summer newsletter  (thanks to  Colleen Boland and Lisa Hartmann, for their help, and Bryn Benson for printing and mailing), as well as trying to make a living in my antique shop, A Repeat Performance .

Luckily the internet exists, and I am able to stay in almost daily contact with the staff and children at our home in Aarubari,  timing the SKYPE calls to when we have electricity.  Challenging, but rewarding when we connect.

I was out walking with my 8 youngest girls today and ran into Goma, the lady I gave our goats to. ( The goats were eating all our vegetables and flowers so I had no choice). Goma now has a healthy herd of eleven, with several pregnant females . Her children are sponsored by my sister Georgie 
so this family’s future looks a lot brighter than before.

On Friday afternoon Australian Rotarians, and members of Eyes Wide Open came to Ghar SIta Mutu to play with our children. Some of them worked with the smaller children making crafts, some played ball games, two helped the boys paint murals in their bedroom and two gave a cooking lesson.

Off to Parents Day today where I am supposed to give a speech. Not my favourite thing to do, especially when the other parents don’t understand English. Hope they don’t put me on the stage in the baking sun – this often happens. Strange because we VIPS!!! (their words not mine) get to sit behind the performers wearing giant rosettes (like we are the winning horses in a show ) – and we can’t see anything.

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  1. Beverly,

    Welcome back to Nepal. Please say hi to all the wonderful children of Ghar Sita Mutu for me. I think of them every day.

    We supporters look forward to reading your regular postings on the blog. As always take care of yourself.


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