Ghar Sita Mutu to the rescue

‎15 month old Puspa has just been adopted  from an orphanage in Lalitpur by a couple from Vermont. Her new daddy is here  in Nepal with her but has to leave on Saturday after a two week visit. He is worried about the conditions in the orphanage she is currently staying in, (three young girls taking care of many babies), and Puspa already had a badly broken leg at 9 months, possibly due to rough handling. The problem is she has not yet been given a U S Visa because the U S laws have recently been changed so he is unable to take her home. Many families are in this same predicament. Ghar SIta Mutu has offered her a temporary home and she arrives today.

First night with the baby was not so easy, hoping for a better one tonight. She started to run a fever and had a nasty cold when she arrived. She seems to like me and Manu only, as well as her doting Papa, and hasn’t yet mustered a smile for us. She is very petite and sweet.

We took her to the hospital this morning. Another horrible experience.   We arrived at casualty (the ER) early in the morning and were shown to a bed with dirty sheets and bloodstains on the wall.   Puspa was screaming – afraid of doctors since her broken leg  – who could blame her.  Last night she slept with me, and every time she woke she was crying and holding her ears, but the doctor wouldn’t check her ears until he had ruled out pneumonia, and had an x ray and taken blood.  She screamed throughout, especially when they tried to take blood twice from her tiny hands. (Nurses not wearing gloves!) They failed. While we were waiting for her to calm down, a young lady died, from kidney failure, despite the doctors’ attempts to resuscitate her.  Her family members started screaming and crying which was very distressing since I had foolishly given into Sujita’s pleading to come with us to the hospital, so I walked her home and returned.  We waited for a while and then were told to come back in the morning so the doctors could check her ears.  They did start her on meds so hope she will soon feel better.  On our way  back to the hospital now to get her ears checked.

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  1. Great story, let us know how this turns for Puspa & Papa.

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