Another baby destined for the rubbish pile

Another baby destined for the rubbish pile

by Beverly Bronson on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 4:00am

Today Dev Kala, one of our staff members, came rushing into the house saying Mummy Mummy, come quickly. You must help!

She took me to a small room where there was a two day old baby girl and mother sleeping on the floor in a tiny room lived in by a drunkard and her two kids.  The mother gave birth in the room and has not seen a doctor. She planned to throw the baby away today and go back to her village.  I have promised help but all she wants to do is throw/give away her baby.  I am checking with my lawyer whether or not we can take her into our home.  The state orphanage has stopped taking in new children.  The baby needs to be seen by a doctor, but the mother refuses to take her to the hospital.   Baby was naked, wrapped in a shawl.  She has an eye infection and not eating.  Mother is trying to feed the baby cold milk with a spoon out of a cup. The ignorance here is appalling.  I bought some meat and milk for the mother, and eye medicine and bottle for the baby and promised to return tomorrow.

How can I take more kids when I am struggling to support the ones I have?  How can I leave her there to be thrown on the rubbish pile on the mother’s way out of town.  Tragic,  when there are so many people wanting to adopt and so many babies thrown away and left to die.

Baby rescue in progress.

We have the baby and had her checked out at the hospital – she weighs 3.1kg. Just now there was an earthquake here. We are all OK.

Baby Ghar SIta Mutu

by Beverly Bronson on Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 9:40pm


What a night!  It is 6.30 am and guess who is sleeping like a baby – not me, for sure. I wonder if our new baby slept better in her pile of rags on the floor of that dirty room-she certainly didn’t sleep much last night here in her warm clean blankets and her too large clothes. We went to pick up the baby yesterday morning (still no name decided) and took her straight to the hospital. Can you imagine walking into a hospital with a naked baby wrapped in rags, dried blood all over her and eyes shut tight with pus. Believe it or not the doctor declared her healthy, weighing 3.1 kg. They gave her a bcg shot (TB) and after I asked them to they bathed her eyes and sent us home.


We brought the mother to our home too but she hasnt changed her mind and shows no interest in her baby.

Our lawyer was drawing up the papers for her and some witnesses to sign, and Rajina just left to pick up the three witnesses we need.  Then the mother is free to leave.  Her name is Bina, 24 yars old,  and she says she is getting married soon and obviously the new man does not want her baby. She is divorced from a man in the army living abroad and receives a portion of his salary every month – so she was not even as desperate as we thought at first.  She just doesn;t want another baby and to discard a baby here in Nepal is a fairly common practice.  Most mothers who do this though, feel they cannot take care of a baby – as opposed to will not.  When the witnesses arrive and sign the documents the mother will be on her way.

Unfortunately for those of you who have asked, we are not an organization that is allowed to put children up for adoption and the Nepali government doesn’t let parents choose their babies anyway, they are assigned at random.  We do however look for sponsors for our children, and those sponsors receive photographs, updates and drawings/letters from their children.  And of course they are welcome to visit us here.


A big thank you to those of you who have offered financial help at this crucial time. I really appreciate your kindness. Will keep you posted and let you know when we have decided on a name for Baby GSM.

Bina left without a backward glance.  The owner of the house where she was staying and another neighbor came to be witnesses.  He was very angry with her.  He told us she gave birth in the outside toilet and then tried to kill the baby.  At that time he  told her that if the baby died he would report her to the police so actually he is responsible for saving the baby’ s life.

My friend Mike suggested the name Ananta – a Hindu word for the snake god with a thousand heads. When he moves his head an earthquake happens.  I like the name but it didn’t go over well here. For one it is a boys name with no female equivalent – I liked Ananta =and also Ananti (my female version of it)– but as it is not a real name meaning anything the consensus was no.

For now Baby GSM will suffice.  She is still sleeping peacefully and I fear she will be one of those babies that sleeps all day, when I cannot, and stays awake all night,  when I cannot.

Are there any new mothers out there with any hints for me?    She took 5 bottles last night, drinking about 30 – 40 ml formula.  After 20 minutes she cried a lot, possibly wind, and then lay there staring at me.

The internet has gone caput as I write this, and now I am going to take a nap while I can, before I go out and buy BABY GSM some clothes.

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